Digital Aerials in High Peak

Freesat is an ideal way of gaining extra TV channels, especially if you are in a limited Freeview channel area with the options of:

  • Standard Receivers
  • High Definition Receivers
  • High Definition Recordable Receivers

Here at High Peak Digital we cover the Peak Park, Derbyshire, Cheshire, South Yorkshire and Staffordshire areas, so if you are living in an area where your televisions reception is poor, why not consider Freesat? Freesat offers even more choice than Freeview and it can bring you over 150 free TV and radio channels with access to 5 HD channels, delivering stunning high definition pictures to help you get the most of your HD TV.

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Freesat boxes also have audio description and subtitle facilities, which are easily accessible through the remote control. You can also access digital text services from BBCi and Teletext and for peace of mind and all boxes offer parental controls so you are in control of what is being viewed by the younger family members.

If you are looking to pause, rewind or record live TV then why not consider Freesat+, which will give you all these benefits and more? You can choose to record a whole series or just one episode, the choice is yours.

The number of hour's recordings of your favourite programmes is dependent on the size of the hard drive. The current Freesat hard drives on the market range from 250GB to 1TB and as a guide the 320GB hard drive will give you an impressive 200 hours of standard definition shows.

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TV Aerials

As the televisions channels are delivered to your home via satellites rather than TV aerials you will not need to upgrade your TV aerial to receive Freesat or Freesat. Here at High Peak Digital we will discuss with you where the satellite dish needs to be situated or even if you can use an existing Sky dish.

With our expert knowledge here at High Peak Digital we will guide you on which is the best option to suit your needs. If you are looking for satellites in High Peak then why not give us a call on 07792 898582 / 01663 735422 where we will be pleased to assist and help answer any questions you may have? Alternatively you can use our contact page and we will get back to you.